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2020 Writing Competition: 
"Alone in the Time of Covid-19"

One Winner Will Receive a US $100 Monetary Prize - Other Selected Entries Will Have Their Work Shared with a Large Audience Via Exisle Academy 

Dear writer,

After the success of our previous writing competition which saw hundreds of participants from across the globe, Exisle Publishing and Exisle Academy are excited to announce our next challenge, which will be our final writing competition for 2020:

Alone In the Time of Covid-19 is a short-form non-fiction writing competition open to all writers of all backgrounds. You may be a veteran author, or simply an aspiring writer who is moved by the topic. Submissions will be judged entirely on the merits and power of the writing itself, giving new writers an opportunity to break through and win the attention of senior editors at a major publishing house.

The competition will be judged by senior Exisle Publishing editors. The author of winning story will receive a $100 USD monetary prize (sent via PayPal or bank transfer to an account you specify). Other selected entries will have their work shared to a wide audience via the Exisle Academy website and Exisle Publishing's community and network.

Submissions Are Open Now and Participation is Free. 

If you are interested in participating, please enter your contact information below and click "Continue" to access the submissions page, and receive updates when the winner and finalists are announced: 

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