How To Submit a Story for the "Alone in the Time of Covid-19" 2020 Exisle Academy Writing Competition:

The theme of this competition is Alone in the Time of Covid-19. You are free to interpret this theme in your own way: It should focus on your personal experiences or stories with which you are directly familiar. The idea is to narrate true, direct and meaningful experience, rather than to give advice or to express opinions. 

Please read the submission guidelines carefully - we look forward to reviewing your writing!

  • Prize: The winning author will be paid $100USD (One hundred US dollars) to a PayPal or bank account of your choosing. The winning story and selected finalists will have their work shared to a wide audience via the Exisle Academy website and communities. 
  • Length: 800 words is the target. Stories over 1200 words will not be considered.
  • Style: Non-fiction - you should recount truthful experiences but please disguise the identity of any real people other than yourself who may not want details of their life to be published
  • Originality: By submitting a story, you confirm that it is your original work, you own the copyright, and you give Exisle Publishing permission to publish it on should you win or be selected as a finalist. You also confirm it has not previously been published elsewhere online or in print, nor selected for any other competition.
  • Possible Publication in Resulting Book: Depending on the quality and volume of submissions received, we will consider publishing selected stories in a resulting anthology. If this happens, all writers who are included will be kept fully informed, be given full acknowledgement, and receive a complimentary copy of the resulting book. By submitting a story, you grant us the full rights to publish it in any format including print, eBook and audiobook.
  • Format: Send your article as a Word Doc (.doc) attachment to the email address specified below. Please do not send pictures.

Please send your submissions to: [email protected] with the subject 2020 Competition  - thank you and best of luck!

Entries Close October 30, 2020. Winners will be announced in early December.




*Owing to the high volume of submissions received, detailed feedback on unsuccessful submissions can only be sent to Exisle Academy members.

Please note: By participating in this competition, you agree to Exisle Publishing's competition terms and conditions 

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