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How to Get Published and Succeed as an Author

Learn From Leading Publishers & Master the Business and Creative Sides of Authorship

Aspiring Author,

Achieving true, lasting success in the competitive publishing industry requires more than just writing a great book. You need to understand the intricacies of the business and what sets successful books apart from the rest.

Combing business knowledge with writing advice, this three-week-long online program will demystify the world of book publishing and show you exactly what it takes to succeed at every step of the authorship journey.

Authorship 101 Course Overview:

  • Weekly lessons: Straightforward, practical modules emailed to you each week, showing you how to navigate the book business, marketing, creativity, and more.
  • Lifelong community membership: Enjoy access to local events, networking groups, and the support of fellow authors.
  • Student's mailbag: Ask questions and get answers directly from our senior publishing team members.
  • Certificate of Completion: Show publishers you've done your homework and are serious about your writing career.

Beautifully produced by the same team responsible for Exisle and EK's globally recognized titles, your certificate will be posted to your door upon completion of the three-month course.

Here's What You'll Learn, Week by Week

Your Message, Perfected. Discover the Exisle Academy Authorship 101 Syllabus:

The training modules in Exisle Academy Home Study are personally crafted by our senior publishing executives who are responsible for helping to bring thousands of successful books into the world. Here's exactly what you are getting each month - remember, you get all content from month one plus all bonus materials immediately upon sign-up!

Week One: Understanding the Book Business and Getting Set Up to Win

  • Module #1: Pitch Perfect
    • Learn the art of crafting compelling pitches that capture the essence of your book and grab the attention of editors
    • Avoid common pitfalls that lead to rejection and increase your chances of getting your work noticed
    • Benefit from expert tips to fine-tune your pitch and make it stand out among hundreds of submissions
  • Module #2: Business Nuts & Bolts
    • Gain insights into the actual costs of various stages of the publishing process, helping you make informed decisions
    • Learn to avoid financial pitfalls that many self-published authors face, maximizing your return on investment
    • Understand the critical aspects of book production and distribution to streamline your publishing experience
  • Module #3: How and Where Books are Sold
    • Master the essential sales channels and strategies to maximize your revenue as an author
    • Learn how to set achievable financial goals and ensure your book's legitimacy through securing an ISBN and barcode
    • Avoid common mistakes that prevent authors from reaching their target audiences and achieving sales success

Week Two: Unleash Your Creativity and Get Your Work Discovered

  • Module #4: Become a Marketing Machine
    • Discover insider strategies to get your book featured in mainstream publications and media outlets
    • Develop a powerful marketing presence both online and offline, using social media and personal branding techniques
    • Avoid marketing missteps that can hinder your book's visibility and impact your sales potential
  • Module #5: Unleash Your Creativity
    • Unlock your creative potential and learn how to craft a compelling and engaging book that captivates readers
    • Sharpen your message and develop an editor's eye to refine your work and make a strong impression on first-time readers
    • Avoid the common creative roadblocks that prevent authors from realizing their full potential

Week Three: Making the Publishing Deal and Building Your Business as an Author

  • Module #6: Legal Clarity
    • Navigate the complexities of publishing contracts, negotiation, and author rights with confidence
    • Learn the ins and outs of the publishing industry to stay in control and negotiate from a position of strength
    • Avoid legal pitfalls and misunderstandings that can jeopardize your writing career
  • Module #7: The Business of Being an Author
    • Learn how to leverage your published work for career growth through speaking engagements, teaching opportunities, and more
    • Uncover hidden opportunities in the market that can lead to additional revenue streams and career advancement
    • Avoid common business mistakes that can limit your success as an author and prevent you from achieving your goals

You’ll Also Get These Bonus Resources to Help You Meet Your Unique Business and Creative Goals:

  • Bonus eBook - Being You: How to Build Your Personal Brand and Confidence by Maggie Eyre
    • Helen Clark, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand, wrote "I strongly recommend Being You to people who are committed to making their mark on the world"
    • Published by Exisle Publishing and highly relevant to our authors  
  • Mailbag: Personalized Expert Advice
    • While you’re a member of the course, you’ll have the opportunity to email in your questions to be answered by one of our leading publishing executives. 
  • Bonus Module #8 - Advice for Illustrators
    • Specifically designed for those looking to succeed as illustrators of children’s books, or for authors collaborating with illustrators
  • Priority Manuscript Consideration Upon Course Completion
    • Get your manuscript to the front of the queue if you're interested in publishing your book with Exisle Publishing, EK Books, or one of our imprints after completing the course

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Please note, while we crafted these materials with the greatest of care drawing on our 30 years of publishing experience and in consultation with accomplished authors of non-fiction and illustrated children’s books, publishing is a complex and highly competitive field and we make no results guarantees of any kind whatsoever. We are providing you with the benefits of our experience and industry knowledge, but ultimately your success as an author is down to you.

VIP Support: Contact Exisle Academy program coordinator Nathan Thomas at [email protected] for any questions related to this program.

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