Focus. Assess. Recharge.

Finally Get Meaningful Feedback from Real Publishers to Help You Get Your Book Published

Available January 2024 Only

Dear aspiring author,

If you've been sending out your manuscript to publishers and not hearing back, you're not alone.

At EK Books and Exisle Publishing, we receive so many submissions that we can only respond to less than 0.5% of the writers who reach out to us. 

Often, it's not major flaws holding writers back, but small details that catch a publisher's eye.

Our limited-time "Focus, Assess, Recharge" services makes our publishers accessible to aspiring authors so you can fix those problems and advance toward publication.

Book your assessment with the buttons below and send in your children's or non-fiction manuscript straight to one of our most senior publishers. In 21-30 days, you will receive a candid one-page assessment to guide your manuscript toward success.

Feedback from Real Publishers Designed to Help You Get Published

We're experienced, real-world traditional book publishers. Our books have won major awards and can be found in bookstores the world over. With over 2000 successful books published through Exisle and EK, our seasoned, professional team can show you exactly what has been holding you back from publication until now, and give you that moment of clarity you need to move forward with confidence.

Our mission is to help you develop your book to a high standard of commercial publication. We'll show you why you may be falling short, how to build on your strengths, and how to advance from here.

How "Focus, Assess, Recharge" Works:

  1. Book your manuscript review using the sign-up buttons below
  2. Send your manuscript, outline, or sample chapters to our editorial team.
  3. Receive a concise, meaningful one-page feedback document within 21-30 days.


Get Feedback to Help You Get Published

Send your book to publishing experts from EK Books (Children's) and Exisle Publishing (Non-Fiction) and get actionable feedback in 21-30 days to give you confidence and clarity and overcome impediments to publication.


What writers we work with are saying

"Thank you for your detailed and supportive assessment of my book, [Redacted]. Your report far exceeded my expectations, and I am extremely grateful. The areas you have suggested need development is exactly the feedback I was looking for and needed."

"Thank you for this information. After the initial shock, it is quite useful and I now have a new strategy moving forward, so it was worth it."

"The markups are great, I understand better what you need/ mean when plotting a manuscript.
Thank you very much for your time, patience and assistance in getting the [Redacted] from an idea to presentable manuscript. You have gone above and beyond the allotted time and I appreciate it very much."

"Thanks very much for your report. It’s extremely helpful. I can see I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’m so glad I requested an assessment of my work. Hopefully I’ll be able to amend it to publishing standard. I really appreciate your input."

"Thank you for your assessment. It is very helpful and provides clear directions for future changes."


Exisle Academy is an international service provided by our global publishing team with representatives in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and North America. Unless otherwise indicated, all prices are shown in $ USD. If USD is not your currency, a conversion will be applied automatically by your bank upon checkout. For all inquiries, email [email protected] or call our offices at the numbers below. Please contact us before registering if your children's picture book exceeds 3,000 words in length or your non-fiction manuscript exceeds 60,000 words. 

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