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Our Three Month Online Certificate Course Will Help You Take Control of Your Writing Career. Earn a Certificate of Completion and Join Our Supportive Community of Accomplished and Aspiring Authors!

Dear Writer,

Writing a book is hard. Getting it professionally published and into the hands of readers who need to hear your message is harder still.

With over 15,000 new books published every year in English alone, publishing may be the most competitive industry on the planet. If you want your work to get the attention it deserves, simply writing a decent book is not enough. You also need to understand the hidden world of the book business, and learn what actually separates those books that make it from those that don’t.

As a mainstream publishing house with thousands of books in the market and over 30 years of experience, we know exactly what it takes to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

For the first time ever, we have agreed to share this hard-won knowledge with a small group of writers in a practical, hands-on online course that is open for new members now. If you are no longer willing to leave the success of your book to chance, then join us on this program where you will be able to get your questions answered and discover exactly how to...

  • Write a nonfiction or children's picture book that conveys your message in a compelling way that will stand out from the crowd
  • Edit your book with a professional eye, so you sharpen your prose, impress editors and delight readers
  • Get the manuscript you have already written published by a reputable publishing house (while avoiding 'vanity' publishers and self-publishing scams)
  • Pitch yourself to the industry you're in and leverage your book to get speaking gigs, media appearances and advance your career
  • Market your existing book so that it finally gets the sales and attention it deserves by understanding how to manage the 'gatekeepers' who control access to mainstream media and high street bookstores
  • Succeed at the business of being an author, making deals with publishers that pay off, and finding new opportunities in the marketplace that you may have missed

This online training program gives you personal support and insights directly from our leading publishing executives who know exactly what it takes to succeed as an author in the real world. It’s part writing course, part business course, part no-holds-barred guide to breaking through into the closely guarded inner circle of writers who actually make it.

If you’ve ever walked through the aisles of a bookshop and thumbed through the titles on display, wondering “what do they have that I don’t?” then this course will give you the answers.

Here’s how Exisle Academy Home Study Works…

Starting the moment you sign-up and then each month for three months, you will be emailed lessons that give you advice that distils decades of publishing wisdom into practical and digestible modules. These punchy, highly practical lessons will be easy for you to open and read on any device (laptop, PC, smartphone, Kindle etc).

You will also be connected with our senior publishing executives through our monthly mailbag - you’ll be able to ask your questions at any point during your membership of the course, which will be answered directly by our most senior publishing team members in a monthly article. A fantastic opportunity to get expert advice on the highest level to help you in your publishing journey!

At the end of the course, we will post you a Certificate of Completion attesting to the fact that you have been trained by leading publishing executives on both the creative and business sides of being an author. As the training modules will show, publishers love it when you can show them that you have done your homework!

As a valued member of our community of accomplished and aspiring authors, you will no longer be facing this journey alone. We will give you life-long access to local events such as book launches and networking groups in your area, and will be right there with you to help you reach your goals as a writer.

Your Message, Perfected. Discover the Exisle Academy Home Study Course Syllabus:

The training modules in Exisle Academy Home Study are personally crafted by our senior publishing executives who are responsible for helping to bring thousands of successful books into the world. Here's exactly what you are getting each month - remember, you get all content from month one plus all bonus materials immediately upon sign-up!

Month One: Understanding the Book Business and Getting Set Up to Win

Module #1: Pitch Perfect

  • Editors receive hundreds of pitches a week. In this module, you’ll learn how to make yours count
  • Editors may not even read your manuscript unless you get the steps in this module right!

Module #2: Business Nuts & Bolts

  • Understand what each stage of the publishing process of creating a book should actually cost, from manuscript assessment right through to design, printing and binding
  • Most self-published authors never recoup the cost of printing, let alone design. Regardless of whether you’re looking to self publish or be published by a mainstream house

Module #3: How and Where Books are Sold

  • Learn about the reality of book sales, where your profits as an author will come from, and how to set achievable financial goals
  • Master the key sales channels that will be the source of most of your revenue, and understand critical steps like securing an ISBN and a barcode to make your book legitimate

Month Two: Unleash Your Creativity and Get Your Work Discovered

Module #4: Become a Marketing Machine

  • Be your own publicist: Discover How to get your books into the media and be interviewed, reviewed and featured by relevant mainstream publications
  • Build a formidable online and offline marketing presence by mastering social media and create a recognizable and distinct author brand

Module #5: Unleash Your Creativity

  • Learn how to channel your voice and realise your creative potential to make your book as good as it can be
  • See your work with an editor's eye and sharpen your message so that it has a powerful impact on first-time readers who have never before been exposed to your work

Month Three: Making the Publishing Deal and Building Your Business as an Author

Module #6: Legal Clarity 

  • Understand the ins and outs of publishing contracts, how to negotiate with a publisher, and what you should get as an author
  • Stay in control of the process so you negotiate from a strong footing, with professional-level insight into how the publishing industry actually works

Module #7: The Business of Being an Author

  • Maximise the benefits you get from being a published author, for example by expanding your speaking / teaching career
  • Discover opportunities in your market that you may have missed, which may include coaching, public speaking, paid media appearances, follow-up books and more

"I contacted the publisher lead you gave me and I followed your pitch process and things seem to be working! You're a legend!"

- 2020 Student, future published author

"Your advice about injecting craziness into the story, to have fun with it and build up on characterization, and to also allow for a more simple use of language, makes complete sense."

- 2020 Student, children's author

Remember to submit your questions to get personalised advice from our executives each month!

You’ll Also Get These Bonus Resources to Help You Meet Your Unique Business and Creative Goals:
  • Get Your Questions Answered with our Monthly Mailbag: Every month while you’re a member of the course, you’ll have the opportunity to email in your questions to be answered by one of our leading publishing executives who will help you better understand the material and apply it to your own situation.

  • Bonus Module #8 - Advice for Illustrators - if you want to succeed as an illustrator of children’s books (or know someone who does) this bonus module is for you - you’ll get it instantly when you sign-up for your first month with Exisle Academy - Home Study

  • Priority Manuscript Consideration Upon Course Completion - If you are interested in publishing your book with Exisle Publishing, EK Books, or one of our imprints after completing this course, you'll be able to take advantage of priority manuscript consideration to get your book to the front of the queue and be considered by our editors. 

  • Lifelong Community Membership - Welcome to our global community of authors! You're joining an amazing club of passionate authors of children's and non-fiction books. Many of our writers have topped bestseller lists international. Some are full-time authors. Others write in their spare time, because they love it. Whatever your ambitions, consider yourself welcomed with open arms. We'll send you invitations to events like book launches and networking get-togethers in your area.


Bonus eBook - Being You - How to Build Your Personal Brand and Confidence
by Maggie Eyre 

In this punchy Exisle book, you’ll learn directly from one of the world’s leading public speaking and branding coaches simple steps to define your brand and presence online and offline. You will receive the eBook download to read on any device the moment you sign up.

Your Schedule as an Exisle Academy Home Study Member:
  • Immediately Upon Signup: Welcome and congratulations - you're officially part of our writers community. The moment you register, you will immediately be emailed all modules for Month #1: Understanding the Book Business and Getting Set Up to Win. You'll also receive your bonus Being You eBook, and the bonus Illustrators module. We'll show you how to take advantage of the monthly mailbag to get your questions answered by our executives, and provide detailed instructions on how to make the most of the course.

  • One Month After You Join: You will receive an email containing the download links for Month #2:Unleash Your Creativity and Get Your Work Discovered. You will have another opportunity to send in any questions you may have and receive personal advice from our executives.

  • Two Months After You Join: You will receive an email containing the download links for Month #3: Making the Publishing Deal and Building Your Business as an Author. You will have another opportunity to send in any questions you may have and receive personal advice from our executives. If at this point, you decide you wish to send in your manuscript for consideration by Exisle Publishing or EK Books For Kids, you will have the opportunity to do this and receive a priority response from our editors. A member of our team will also reach out to confirm the name and delivery details for your Certificate of Completion, which will then be posted to you.

Your course ends, but you're still part of the family! Enjoy framing your certificate of completion, and keep in touch. We'll send you invitations to relevant events and networking opportunities in your area.

"I’d just like to say that I have never had such good, in-depth and motivational advice on my writing before, not even on the Creative Writing course, which was part of my BA hons degree with the [Major British University]."

- 2020 Student


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Your Exisle Academy Home Study Subscription Lasts Three Months - But You Can Cancel Earlier if You So Choose. 

Here's the not-so-small print:

You will be billed once now, and then once per month for the next two months, for a total of three payments. You will receive your new material at the start of each month. If at any point you do not wish to continue, you can cancel at any time. In the extremely unlikely event that you are not fully satisfied with the level of material and instruction you receive, you can claim a full refund of your first month’s payment if you let us know within 15 days of sign-up. Please note, while we crafted these materials with the greatest of care drawing on our 30 years of publishing experience and in consultation with aspiring authors of non-fiction and illustrated children’s books, publishing is a complex and highly competitive field and we make no guarantees of any kind whatsoever. We are providing you with the benefits of our experience and industry knowledge, but ultimately your success as an author is down to you. 

VIP Support: Contact Exisle Academy program coordinator Nathan Thomas at [email protected] for any questions related to this program.

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