Put Your Manuscript In the Hands of Experienced Publishing Professionals Who Can Help You Bring Your Message To The World

Exisle Academy's Premium Manuscript Review Service is Currently Open to Writers of Illustrated Children's Books and Non-Fiction Books for Adults

Dear Writer,

You've come far by yourself: You've come up with the idea, and spent hours, days, months and maybe even longer poring over each and every word. 

But you know you're not quite where you want to be.

Perhaps you've sent your manuscript out to a few publishers, but you haven't heard back...

... Or maybe you just have a feeling that, in order to make your book as good as it could possibly be, you need some professional advice.

As a mainstream publisher with 30 years experience publishing successful books for adults and children, we're here to help.

Our premium manuscript review services gives you direct, one on one access to a senior member of our executive team who will work closely with you to help you realize the full potential of your book. 

Far More Than Just a Critique, You Will Be Assigned a Senior Publishing Executive From Our Team Who Will Give You...

  • Straight Talking. If it’s not going to work as is we will say why not, and help you fix it
  • Impact AssessmentWe'll not only read your manuscript for what it is but also what you want it to be. Often, writers need a helping hand to bridge this gap and give their message the impact and resonance is deserves.
  • Publishing Assessment. Publishing is highly competitive. With our publishing experience, we'll give you suggestions on how you can package your message so it gets attention and connects with your desired audience.
  • Professional Introductions. We can put you in touch with industry contacts who can help you bring your ideas to life (illustrators, proof-readers, sales people, designers, printers and editors)
  • Hidden Opportunities. We'll help you discover new possibilities in your work that you may have missed. Chances are, you're neglecting some of your most valuable ideas.
  • Action Steps. We won't just tell you what's wrong and what's right. We'll give you absolute clarity on the steps you have to take next to achieve your goals as an author and bring your book to the world.

We Have Been Publishing Successful Books for Adults and Children Since 1991

Exisle Publishing was founded in the early 1990s with the mission of giving a voice to writers whom the mainstream often overlooked.

Ironically, we've since become something of a mainstream publisher ourselves, with branches in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom, and a successful children's imprint, EK Books. But we haven't forgotten our roots, and our mission.

With Exisle Academy we want to guide people who have a message, who have something to say, but who may not yet have the knowledge, experience and industry contacts, along the path to making their book the success it deserves to be.

Experience What It's Like to Be Treated Like a Professional Author at a Traditional Publishing House

We will treat your book as if you were on author on our publishing schedule. The advice you get will be real, actionable, and no holds barred. Our goal is not to make you feel good - that's what your friends are for. Instead, our goal is to help you create the best book you possibly can: Something that you can truly call yours. Something to be proud of. Something that will last, and be read time and time again.


Here's Exactly How Our Unique Manuscript Assessment Program Works:

  1. Today: Book Your Manuscript Review

    Sign-up for a manuscript review with the buttons below - Please note, we accept only two children's manuscripts and two adult non-fiction manuscripts per month. If we are unavailable, the sign-up buttons will not be visible.

  2. Within 72 Hours: We Will Reach Out with Our Author Questionnaire

    A member of our team will immediately be notified of your request for a manuscript review. Within 48 hours - normally sooner - you will be contacted directly by email and sent a detailed questionnaire about your book and your goals as an author.

  3. Within One Week: Fill Out the Author Questionnaire and Be Assigned a Senior Executive From Our Team

    Please fill out the questionnaire to the best of your abilities. Based on your answers to the survey, you will be assigned a senior member of our editorial and publishing executive team whose experience will best match the genre and style of your book, as well as your publishing goals. You will then be introduced your assigned publishing executive, and send them your manuscript.

  4. Over The Following Few Weeks: A Senior Editor Reads Your Manuscript and Communicates With You Page by Page.

    Your assigned executive editor will read your manuscript in detail and will typically send you questions by email, asking for clarification of your intention at certain points in your book. They will keep the information you provided in your questionnaire in mind, looking at all aspects of your manuscript to find opportunities for improvement and to uncover hidden strengths.

    This process alone will be worth the full value of your course, as you will gain priceless insight into exactly how your manuscript looks through the eyes of a veteran editor and publisher.

  5. Approximately One Month From Today: Receive A Detailed Assessment and Action Steps.

    You will receive your detailed manuscript assessment. This will include strengths, weaknesses and "action steps" suggesting how you can move this forward. The feedback you receive will be in-line with your goals, structured around how you can get from where you are, to where you need to be.

    For example, you may want to focus on how you can improve the structure and delivery of your message. You may feel lost and want help putting your manuscript in order and getting it to flow. Or you may be satisfied with your work, and want to instead discuss the marketability of your book. Or you may want to do a bit of all of the above! 

  6. Bonus Strategy Call

    After you have received your in-depth manuscript assessment, you will then be invited to schedule a one hour long Skype, Zoom or phone call with your assigned senior editor. Here, you will be able to ask your follow-up questions, and gain clarity on exactly what you need to do to move this forward.


Let's Work Together To Bring Your Manuscript To Life - Book Your Manuscript Review And Strategy Session Today:

Children's Book
Up to 3000 Words
Complete Manuscript Assessment
Strengths, Weaknesses and Action Steps
In-depth Strategy Call
$997 USD
Non-Fiction Book
Up to 80,000 Words
Complete Manuscript Assessment
Strengths, Weaknesses and Action Steps
In-depth Strategy Call
$2997 USD

Please note, only two Children's Books and two Non-Fiction book review slots are available each month. When a current month is booked out, the payment buttons that read "Book Your Manuscript Review Now" will not be shown, and will instead be replaced with a clearly displayed "Sold Out" notice. For several months of the year this service may be unavailable for longer while our busy senior editors keep up with their regular publishing demands. For VIP support, please contact Exisle Academy Program Coordinator Nathan Thomas at [email protected]. Alternative payment methods, such as PayPal, bank transfer or payment plans are available on request. 

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