Memoir Mastery with Gareth St John Thomas

Learn Exactly How to Write and Publish Your Memoir, Life Story or Family History

Get Expert Guidance Plus Honest and Friendly Feedback from Exisle Publishing's CEO

Dear Writer,

Your life story deserves to be told. But how do you boil down decades of profound experience into one book? And how do you convince publishers and the public that your story should get the attention and shelf space that it is worthy of?

In this online course, Exisle Publishing’s CEO and founder, Gareth St John Thomas, will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to craft and publish a memoir to be proud of.

You are about to learn…

  • How to to stay productive, motivated and energized throughout the entire process
  • How to determine your intended audience so your memoir appeals to the right readers
  • How to create an intelligent structure that does justice to your life experience while also being readable, marketable and publishable
  • How to plan everything out from the start so you know exactly where you are going and can write with purpose and confidence
  • How to check in and get perceptive and constructive feedback throughout the process so you can make adjustments and make sure you are getting your message across
  • If and when to illustrate your memoir with photographs or images, and how to get this part of the process right
  • How to actually get it done so that, in the near future, you can be holding your beautifully written, edited and published memoir in your hands, a priceless gift for family, children and friends

Memoir Mastery will help you break through the noise and make an impact with your story, with personal support and advice from a leading writer and publisher with over 30 years of professional experience: 

Meet Your Guide, Gareth St John Thomas

Gareth St John Thomas is the founder and CEO of Exisle Publishing (1991) and EK Books (2014). Across a decades long career in publishing in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, Gareth has been personally responsible for publishing memoirs from a diverse range of personalities, both famous and (hitherto) unknown.

As the author of the internationally acclaimed writer's manual Finding True Connections - How to Learn and Write About a Family Member’s History, he is ideally placed to help you bring your life story, family history or autobiography to the the world. 

Memoir Mastery Online Course: Learn How to Get Every Part of the Writing, Editing and Publishing Process Just Right for You

Memoir Mastery Contains Video, PDF Lessons, and Personal Support to Help You Move Forward in the Way That Works for You. All Material is Delivered Online, Instantly.

Working closely with a team of experts from Exisle, we've broken down the key aspects of writing and publishing your memoir, family history or life story into a series of easily digestible PDF lesson modules that you can read and absorb at your own pace. Here's what's inside:

Memoir Modules: Specifically designed for memoirists.

  • Memoir Module #1: Books are made to be read. Here, you'll understand who you are writing to and why. You'll learn how to see your memoir with a publisher's eye, and target every word you write to the best possible audience.
  • Memoir Module #2: As you start writing your memoir, you have a number of decisions to make about the structure, as well as what to leave in, and what to leave out. Here, you'll learn how to make those decisions right, and stay productive and motivated throughout the writing process.
  • Memoir Module #3: Life may not have rules, but writing your life story does. In this module, you'll uncover the 12 essential rules for writing a memoir that has a good chance to get published, make sales, and be read for years to come.

Publishing Modules: Understand how to think and write like a publisher, and navigate the world of selling books.

  • Publishing Module #1: Understand what each stage of the publishing process of creating a book should actually cost, from manuscript assessment right through to design, printing and binding.
  • Publishing Module #2: Be your own publicist. Discover how to get your books into the media and be interviewed, reviewed and featured by relevant mainstream publications.
  • Publishing Module #3: Learn how to channel your voice and realize your creative potential to make your book as good as it can be. See your work with an editor's eye and sharpen your message so that it has a powerful impact on first time readers who have never before been exposed to your work.

Bonus module:

  • Writing for Space and Time: When, where and how do writers get their work done? If it's time to write but the words aren't flowing, this module will help you get unstuck.

Bonus Resource: Memoir Mastery Seminar Video and Notes

In late 2020, Gareth St John Thomas held a private seminar for a small group of memoirists from around the world. They were all at different levels of experience: Some had already written their bulk of their manuscripts and were looking for publishing advice, others were just getting started and taking their first steps. Gareth walked them through the entire process, and now the video, the notes and the audio are available for you:

  • The Video: Over the course of an hour, Exisle Publishing CEO Gareth St John Thomas breaks down the entire process of writing and publishing your memoir, from coming up with the concept to making a plan, doing research, writing with structure and focus, and finally putting your memoir out into the world.
  • The Notes: Elegantly produced for easy understanding by our publishing team, these PDF notes summarize the key lessons you will learn from the video course. Yours to keep for life, you will be able to refer back to them time and time again as you progress through the various stages of writing and publishing your memoir.
  • The Audio: Watching videos is one thing, but many of us also like to listen to audio courses as we walk or drive. This is why you will also get the audio recording of the course as a separate file you can listen to at your leisure.

Get Deep and Meaningful Feedback On Your Writing Directly from Gareth St John Thomas

Professional, Actionable Feedback to Help You Road to Publication

Some writers prefer to go it alone, but we can all benefit from a friendly, expert eye on our work. For the most motivated students, Gareth St John Thomas will personally read your memoir from cover to cover, and provide you with detailed, editorial feedback designed to help you take your book to the next stage.

Rather than simply "proofreading" or providing generalizations that don't actually help, you will be getting good-natured yet honest feedback that will go to the heart of the story you are telling, as well as the ideas and message you are trying to convey.

With an eye to helping you develop a book that has serious potential to actually be published by a mainstream publishing such as Exisle, Gareth will provide the kind of actionable, high level guidance that you can only get from an experienced professional.

Depending on your own learning goals and your level of commitment, you can opt for simply a "Quick Reaction" where Gareth will read your book and provide a helpful response, or a full-on "Memoir Review" where you will have the opportunity to discuss your book in detail and gain the full benefit of his 30 years of publishing experience.

Choose The Level of Personal Support That Best Suits Your Goals

The moment you sign up for "Memoir Mastery" you'll get instant access to all course materials described above.

You then have up to 180 days to absorb the material, and write or edit the draft of your manuscript.

When you are ready, you will be able to send your manuscript directly to Gareth. He will read it cover to cover, and reply with either a quick assessment, or detailed feedback, depending on the option you select below.

  • A "Quick Reaction" is approximately one page of high level feedback designed to help you understand your strengths and correct any weaknesses. Think of this like asking a local for directions when you are traveling in a foreign city. Gareth will point out the path, and then its up to you to walk it.

  • A "Memoir Review" gives you several pages of specific, actionable advice, which will reference places in your book that could be changed, as well as suggestions for how to develop your book into a serious prospect for commercial publication. Rather than simply pointing you in the right direction, this option is more like having Gareth as your own personal guide, helping you develop your memoir into what you want it to be. This option also includes a 30 minute phone call with Gareth where you will be able to ask your questions and discuss the feedback on your book.

Select Your Preferred Option Below to Continue:

Memoir Mastery + 
"Quick Reaction"
Instant access to all material plus one page of feedback on your manuscript from Gareth St John Thomas.
-> Instant access to the Memoir Mastery online course.
-> Priority consideration when sending your memoir into Exisle Publishing.
-> Request your "Quick Reaction" any time within 180 days of signing up, whenever you're ready.
Limited Time Launch Discount $250 USD
Memoir Mastery + 
"Memoir Review" 
Instant access to all material, plus a detailed review from Gareth St John Thomas and a private phone call to discuss your book.
-> Instant access to the Memoir Mastery online course.
-> Priority consideration for all books you send to Exisle Publishing, for life.
-> Send your manuscript to Gareth at any point within 180 days of signing up (whenever you feel ready) and you will receive detailed, in-depth and actionable feedback.
-> Schedule a 30 minute telephone call with Gareth St John Thomas to discuss your writing.
Only 10 Packages Available $999 USD

The Not-So-Small Print

You're about to make an investment in your writing career. Gareth St John Thomas, the founder and CEO of Exisle Publishing, will use his decades of professional knowledge and industry experience to help you write and develop your memoir.

The above buttons will take you to our secure registration and payment portals. All prices listed are in USD. If USD is not your home currency, an automatic conversion will be applied upon purchase; you can see approximate conversion rates here.

This is a digital (virtual) course, and as such it is available to students around the world. A receipt will be sent automatically to your email upon purchase, and you will get instant online access to the course plus instructions on how to connect with Gareth and send him your manuscript when you are ready.

In the extremely unlikely event you are not satisfied with Memoir Mastery, you can email us for a full refund within 15 days of purchase. Refunds are only not available if you have already asked Gareth to begin work on your memoir review. 

Please note, because of the amount of personal attention required, spaces are strictly limited. When the options above are sold out, the "Add to Cart" buttons will not be visible.

For VIP Support, Please Contact Exisle Academy Program Coordinator Nathan Thomas at [email protected]

Formal Certificates Of Completion Available On Request - Just Email Us After Registering and Our Team Will Arrange it For You

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