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Memoir Mastery: How to Write and Publish Your Life Story

On-Demand Online Course Taught by Exisle Publishing CEO, Gareth St John Thomas

Dear Writer,

Your life story deserves to be told. But how do you boil down decades of powerful experience into one book? And, how do you convince publishers and the public that your story should get the attention and shelf space that it is worthy of?

In this on-demand online course you can download and absorb at your own pace, Exisle Publishing’s CEO and founder, Gareth St John Thomas, will take you by the hand and show you exactly how to craft and publish a memoir that sells.

You are about to learn…

  • How to to stay productive, motivated and energized throughout the entire process
  • How to determine your intended audience so your memoir appeals to a large group of potential readers
  • How to create an intelligent structure that does justice to your life experience while also being readable, marketable and publishable
  • How to plan everything out from the start so you know exactly where you are going and can write with purpose and confidence
  • How to check in and get perceptive and constructive feedback throughout the process so you can make adjustments and make sure you are getting your message across
  • If and when to illustrate your memoir with photographs or images, and how to get this part of the process right
  • How to actually get it done so that, in the near future, you can be holding your beautifully written, edited and published memoir in your hands, a priceless gift for family, children and friends

This downloadable online video course with accompany PDF notes will help you break through the noise and make an impact with your story. 

Meet Your Instructor, Gareth St John Thomas

Gareth St John Thomas is the founder and CEO of Exisle Publishing (1991) and EK Books (2014). Across a decades long career in publishing in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand, Gareth has been personally responsible for publishing memoirs from a diverse range of personalities, both famous and (hitherto) unknown.

As the author of the internationally acclaimed writer's manual Finding True Connections - How to Learn and Write About a Family Member’s History, he is ideally placed to help you bring your life story to the the world. 

Free Sample: Watch This Brief Extract From "Memoir Mastery" To Get a Taste of The Full Course...

Here's Exactly What You're About to Get Instant Access To:

  • The Video: Over the course of an hour, Exisle Publishing CEO Gareth St John Thomas breaks down the entire process of writing and publishing your memoir, from coming up with the concept to making a plan, doing research, writing with structure and focus, and finally putting your memoir out into the world
  • The Notes: Elegantly produced for easy understanding by our publishing team, these PDF notes summarize the key lessons you will learn from the video course. Yours to keep for life, you will be able to refer back to them time and time again as you progress through the various stages of writing and publishing your memoir.
  • The Audio: Watching videos is one thing, but many of us also like to listen to audio courses as we walk or drive. This is why you will also get the audio recording of the course as a separate file you can listen to at your leisure.

Be Among the First to Order Memoir Mastery and Get These Fast Action Bonuses:

  • Fast Action Bonus #1 (First 10 Customers): Get Your Question Answered by Gareth St John Thomas. After going through the Memoir Mastery course, you'll be able to submit one question (as broad, detailed, specific or general as you like) and receive a thoughtful answer directly from instructor and Exisle Publishing CEO, Gareth St John Thomas
    Status: 5/10 available
  • Fast Action Bonus #2 (First 25 Customers): Priority Manuscript Consideration. If, after completing the course and writing your memoir, you think Exisle Publishing could be a good fit for you, we will ask our editorial department to move your manuscript to the front of the queue 
    Status: 20/25 available
  • Fast Action Bonus #3: (First 100 Customers): Save $100
    The full price of this program will be US $197, a tiny amount when you consider that you're about to learn how to craft and publish a memoir that captures that full significance of your own life story. However, the first 100 people to order Memoir Mastery will be able to order for $100 off.
    Status: 95/100 available 

Get Instant Online Access to "Memoir Mastery" and We'll Help You Bring Your Life Story to the World:

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