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You have just made a decisive step on your journey to becoming a successful published author!

First things first, we want to welcome you to the family! For over 30 years, we've been publishing books with heart by authors from around the world. And we want to give you a welcome bonus: A book of your choosing from our catalogue. Simply explore Exisle Publishing (Non-Fiction) or EK Books (children's), and let us know your selection.

The email you want to use for that, as well as any technical questions about the course, is [email protected]

Ok, I know you're excited to get into the course material, but before we do that, a quick caveat: There's a LOT of information here. You are about to get access to a lifetime of professional information. We recommend you take it slow, and absorb just a module or two per day.


  • Have questions about the course material? Email [email protected] and I will pass them on to the most relevant publisher for you. You can ask up to three burning questions via email and receive a detailed, thorough response
  • Ready for your certificate of completion? Please first download all modules and take your time to explore them. Then, when you have grasped the concepts, please email us with the address above, and include your postal address
  • Ready for mentorship: We highly recommend you first immerse yourself in the materials below, this will help you make the most of our time with our publishers. And when you're ready for the next step, please drop me an email with some info about the stage you are at with your book, your genre, and your publishing goals, and I'll connect you with the best senior publisher from our team.

Exisle Academy - Course Materials

Part #1: Write, Develop and Edit Your Book to a Commercially Publishable Level

  • Written Module: Pitch Perfect. Learn exactly what publishers are looking for, and how to impress even the busiest editor with a well targeted pitch.
  • Written Module: Writing Space and Time. We all live busy, complex lives. Discover here proven strategies for making your writing a consistent priority and creating the space and time you need.
  • Written Module: Unleash Your Creativity: Learn how to channel your voice and realize your creative potential to write and edit your book to make it as good as it could ever be.
  • Written Module: How to Win Writing Competitions: Standing out from thousands of other stories is more science than art!
  • Written Module: Manuscript Minefields: Every successful book is unique, but nearly all unsuccessful books make one of these seven key mistakes
  • Video Module: Getting Accepted. Sit down with Exisle Publishing CEO and Founder Gareth St John Thomas for a fireside chat about how and why we chooses to say "Yes" to some books but not others.

Part #2: Confidently Navigate the World of Commercial Publishing and Succeed as an Author

  • Written Module: The Business of Publishing. Here's your high-level overview of the commercial side of making, marketing and selling books, and making a living as an author
  • Written Module: Nuts & Bolts. Let's get down to details. After reading this module, you will understand the publishing world better than 99% of all writers.
  • Written Module: Business Meets Marketing: How do people decide to buy this book but not that book, and how can authors influence this process?
  • Written Module: Publicity and Marketing: If you've ever seen an author sitting on a major talk show on national TV, this module reveals the step-by-step process that may have gotten them there.
  • Written Module: Legal Clarity: What should you look out for in a publishing contract, how do royalties work, and how can you tell who to trust in the publishing jungle?
  • Video Module: Book Production: How do beautiful books arise from that messy manuscript on your computer, and what are the costs and opportunities at play here?
  • Video Module: The Sales Department: Most self-published writers are completely excluded from high street bookstores, here's how traditional publishers crack that space.
  • Video Module: Sales and Marketing: Sit down with the international marketing team from Exisle and EK Books and hear how they get books like yours in the media and help authors succeed online.

Ready for your certificate, Q&A, or seminar call? Email: [email protected]

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