April 26, 2023

[Quiz] What Kind of Children's Author Are You?

Over the years as an award-winning children's publisher, worked with thousands of children's authors around the world...

... and we can tell you one thing: No two children's authors are the same!

If you write (or aspire to write) books that live in the hearts and on the bookshelves of today's youngsters, then this quiz is for you.

Take a few minutes and answer some fun and fast questions... and we'll tell you what kind of children's author you are!

Update May 1: Wow that was fast! This quiz was more popular than we expected and our software isn't letting us take any more responses. Instead, you may enjoy this free guide on how to create a winning children's book: Manuscript Minefields

What did you get?

Share this page and compare your results with your fellow writers!

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