Webinar: How to Tell Your Story 

Join leadership experts and authors of 'The Clear Leader' Dr. James N. Donald and Craig Hassed and learn how to  break through to readers and publishers with your message
New time! Free webinar taking place Tuesday, February 27, at  8 AM Sydney, 4 PM New York, 9 PM London time February 26]
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Gain clarity and confidence and tell your story as an educator, business leader, creative, author, or entrepreneur.
- Purpose: Find and maintain clarity about what you want to achieve with your writing. Share this vision with readers and anyone you collaborate with.
- Priorities: Pay attention to how you use your time and energy. Focus on activities that support your writing goals and personal growth.
- People: Engage fully with your readers and the writing community. Build meaningful connections that enhance your work and theirs.
- Personal: Manage your time and energy well in your personal life. Balance writing with other responsibilities to maintain overall wellbeing.
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Meet Your Hosts

Dr. James N. Donald, a psychology expert, specializes in leadership and workplace wellbeing. He teaches at the University of Sydney and is known for his media appearances and research publications.

Craig S. Hassed, awarded the Order of Australia, has a long-standing role in Monash University's Faculty of Medicine. He's a recognized mindfulness expert, author, and educator, influencing various sectors globally. Together, their expertise combines leadership, psychology, and mindfulness, offering valuable insights for aspiring leaders and authors.

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