"Write to Publish"

Develop Your Manuscript to a Commercial Publishing Standard

Traditional book publishers are notoriously hard to impress. While the vast majority of manuscripts are rejected, we'll show you how to create the kind of book that top publishers are actively looking for.

Self-Paced Online Course Created by Exisle Publishing and EK Books

Dear Writer,

You have a book -or an idea for a book- that you know deserves a spot on bookshelves and in libraries around the world. But will publishers, booksellers, readers and sales people feel the same way?

With over 2 million books published worldwide every year, writing is one of the most competitive fields in existence. To break through with your story, you need to understand what professionals in this space are actively looking for, and present your message in a way that is designed for maximum appeal.

In Write to Publish, you'll learn directly from experienced book publishers and editors on how to bring your manuscript to a commercial standard. You'll understand what's really important for publishing professionals, and get clarity on what you need to do to maximize your chances of success.

This isn't about how to change your message or compromise on your values. Instead, it's about how you can articulate your story and ideas in the most powerful way to resonate with readers and those who actually stock bookshelves and gatekeep for this industry.

With practical lessons designed to be easy to apply no matter your genre or stage of progress, you'll end this program with a strong understanding of what a manuscript with real potential actually looks like, and the steps you need to take to get yours there.

Our Edge: Practical, Proven Advice from Senior Publishers Who Know What it Takes to Succeed in This Industry

30 Years. 2,000 Books. Millions of Readers Worldwide.

Exisle Publishing was founded in the early 1990s with the mission of giving a voice to writers whom the mainstream often overlooked. Ironically, we've since become something of a mainstream publisher ourselves, with branches in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and United Kingdom, and a successful children's imprint, EK Books.

Despite our global success, we haven't forgotten our roots and our mission. With Exisle Academy we want to guide people who have a message to share, but may not yet have the knowledge, experience and industry contacts to make their book the success it deserves to be.

Case Study: Cookie by a First-Time Children's Author

Isabelle Duff joined Exisle Academy because she had a story to tell, but needed help finding her voice and connecting her story to her audience. Exisle Academy helped Isabelle connect with the core of her message and express her story authentically. Using our network, we were able to introduce her to an illustrator who could bring the images in her mind to life.

After developing the manuscript with Exisle Academy, Isabelle was offered a traditional, royalty-based publishing contract with EK Books. Cookie sold-out its first print run and is already being reprinted. It is currently on bookshelves in schools and libraries across the world.

Learn at Your Own Pace With a Mix of Written Modules & Video Lessons: Get Instant Access the Moment You Enroll

Get Your Manuscript Up to Scratch, Whether You're Just Starting or Already Ready to Pitch:

If you don't yet have a completed manuscript, then this will help you create yours with focus and confidence. If you do have a manuscript, you'll learn how to objectively assess it through a publisher's eyes, and make targeted improvements designed to dramatically increase your chances of hearing "Yes."

Here's What's Inside...

  • Written Module - Pitch Perfect: Learn what publishers are looking for, and how to impress even the busiest editor with a well targeted pitch.

  • Written Module - Writing Space and Time: We all live busy, complex lives. Discover proven strategies for making your writing a consistent priority and creating the space and time you need.

  • Written Module - Unleash Your Creativity: Learn how to channel your voice and realize your creative potential to write and edit your book to make it as good as it can be.

  • Written Module - How to Win Writing Competitions: Standing out from thousands of other stories is more science than art.

  • Written Module - Manuscript Minefields: Every successful book is unique, but nearly all unsuccessful books make one of these seven key mistakes.

  • Video Module - Getting Accepted: Sit down with Exisle Publishing CEO and Founder Gareth St John Thomas for a fireside chat about how and why we choose to say "Yes!" to some books but not others.

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  • Instant Access to all written and video modules designed to help you succeed at the creative side of being an author - All materials are yours to keep for life!
  • Priority Consideration with Exisle Publishing (Non-Fiction) or EK Books (Children's Books) for a full year after you enroll. 
  • 60 Day Guarantee: If you are not 100% thrilled about the high-level professional advice and how it can help you become a successful published author, contact us within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.

You're about to make an investment in your current and future books and in your journey as an author. These materials, professionally crafted by highly experienced publishers, are strictly limited to Exisle Academy students. While our occasional mentorship programs (taught on limited select windows a few times a year) start from upwards of $1,299, your investment in the home study program is barely 1/10th of that, at $149.

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Your Investment is Guaranteed (60 Days, No Questions Asked)

In the extremely unlikely event you are not thrilled with the quality of instruction you receive, contact us within 60 days of your enrollment for a full refund. Please note, while we crafted these materials with the greatest of care drawing on our three decades of publishing experience and in consultation with successful authors of non-fiction and illustrated children’s books, publishing is a complex and highly competitive field and we make no guarantees of success: We are providing you with the benefits of our experience and industry knowledge, but ultimately your success as an author is down to you.


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