Undiscovered Gems

Write a Short Story Based On Your Unpublished Book

Win USD $500 and Publishing Opportunities with Exisle and EK Books

Dear Writer,

Some of the best books in the world never make it to the shelf. Publishers are inundated with submissions, and simply cannot allocate the resources to carefully check every single book that arrives in their inbox. Even the most dedicated editors are overwhelmed, so inevitably wonderful books often slip through the cracks too.

"Undiscovered Gems" exists to provide authors whose books remain unpublished an opportunity to present their work in a different light, and achieve the recognition and reward which may have previously been out of reach.

To enter, write a short story based on your unpublished book. How you interpret this is up to you, but here are some ideas:

  • If you have written an instructional non-fiction book, summarize a core lesson from your book in the form of a short story about how someone applied that concept to change their life.
  • If you have written a children's book, you could summarize the plot OR tell a story about how a child's life is changed after they find your book at their local library.
  • If you have written a memoir, capture a key episode of your life in the form of a self-contained story.

There are only two major rules:

  • Your story must be self contained, which means readers should be able to appreciate it without reference to your whole book.
  • Your story must be based on or at least inspired by a book that you have written (or are in the process of writing) that you would like to get published by a traditional publishing house.

Writers from all countries are invited to participate. One winner will be selected to receive a monetary prize of USD $500 / £350. The winner, alongside five runners-up, will have their stories published on ExisleAcademy.com and be invited to send their manuscripts into Exisle Publishing or EK Books for priority consideration with free, expert assessment from our senior publishers. Results will be announced in February, 2022.

UPDATES: Submissions Are Now Closed, Keep an Eye on Our Facebook Page for the Announcement of the Winners 

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