How To Submit a Pitch for 
"Your Big Break" 

Write a 500-word pitch for your book that answers all of the following questions. Our publishers will be looking for well-thought-out pitches that show that the author is capable of thinking commercially about the audience for your book.

●  What is the proposed title of your book?

●  Please summarize your book in one paragraph

●  What is the target audience—who needs to read it?

●  How do you imagine the format?

●  Who are you and why are you qualified to write this book—please include relevant links to your website

●  How close to completion is your manuscript?

●  What other books exist in your space, and what makes your book unique?

Important: Please do not send your manuscript at this stage. If our publishers are interested in working with you, they will request more information.

Send Your Pitch To:

[email protected]

With the subject line: Your Big Break: [The Title of Your Book]

I.e if the title of your book is 'September Rain' your email subject line must be: Your Big Break: December Rain

Important: Replies will only be sent to selected authors.

Thank you and best of luck!


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