Concept Clarity
How to Write a Non-Fiction Book That Will Sell

Live Online Advanced Seminar with Exisle Publishing’s CEO, Gareth St John Thomas on Tuesday, April 30

Your life. Your wisdom. Your experience. Your ideas. You’re yearning to share these with the world, but it’s not just about getting the words out. To create a book that sells, you need to carefully align your vision with what the book market is interested in. This is a subtle art, but once you master it, you’ll understand…

  • Why some books are placed on display in bookstores, and others are only available online
  • Why the size and format of your book really matters — and why most authors ignore this critical concept
  • Who the audience for your book really is — even many experienced authors get this crucial point wrong
  • How to speak in a compelling way about your book to different audiences, including the media, book publishers, book trade representatives, and the general public
  • The art of serving your audience in a way that makes them want to recommend you — word of mouth is the most potent sales tool and you will learn ways and means of making this work for you.

This is a a small-group event for serious authors including self-published authors who are ready to bring their work to the mainstream. Authors who have published several titles as well as new authors working on their first outline or manuscript will benefit significantly.

Learn how to sell more, increase your odds of traditional publication, and gain creative clarity that will help you at every part of the writing and publishing process.

Meet your instructor, Gareth St John Thomas

Gareth's decades-long career in publishing began in the United Kingdom at his father's company, David & Charles. After David & Charles was sold to Reader's Digest, Gareth assisted with WRITERS NEWS and then moved to New Zealand and founded Exisle Publishing in 1991, firmly establishing it as a distinguished, fully independent publishing house. He then moved to Australia and expanded Exisle's reach, publishing books that found worldwide success from a rural office in New South Wales. Most recently, Gareth, founded EK Books with the mission of publishing children's picture books with heart on issues that matter.

Spaces are strictly limited — Secure your spot now

This is an advanced seminar strictly for authors ready to break through into the publishing mainstream. If you're new, prepare to take your first steps with the clarity and confidence it takes most writers many years to achieve. If you're an experienced writer, prepare to have your own ideas challenged and rethink your entire approach to your audience and creative vision. 

Your access includes:

  • Participation in the seminar — approximately one hour of presentation plus 30 minutes for your questions
  • Opportunity to send your manuscript to Gareth after the seminar for priority consideration
  • Access to Exisle Academy's 'Sales and Marketing' module with further insights on how to market and promote your book (provided to all attendees before the seminar begins)
  • Access to the notes from the seminar for quick-reference to the concepts you have learned

Invest in your long-term career as an author — $175 USD

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The seminar will take place on...

Tuesday, April 30, 2024, at 7:30 AM Sydney, 9:30 AM Auckland, 5:30 PM (previous day, April 29) New York, 10:30 PM London. Check your time zone. 

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