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The team behind Exisle Academy are, first and foremost, traditional book publishes with decades of industry experience. We support our authors in getting published both with our parent imprints (Exisle Publishing, EK Books), and elsewhere. Here are some books you may have seen at your local bookstore or in the press that arose with support from Exisle Academy.

Goddesses In You : Discovering the myths and archetypes that are your reality

Goddesses In You focuses on twelve goddesses, each of which relate to a feminine archetype. With profiles of sixty well-known women, Goddesses In You highlights how these archetypes shape the roles and underly the actions and emotions of most women at some stage in their lives, offering women a key to who they really are.

Christine Lister is a wise woman, an elder and an old soul. Also, a goddess in many guises.
Using moon goddess symbolism, which echoes the rhythms of nature, she is in the winter of her life and the new moon phase. A time of new beginnings and rebirth. For Christine, this is the perfect time to share the myths that have become her reality, her truths, in the hope that you too may discover the goddesses in you.


Better Homes and Gardens
“Discover how archetypal patterns are the doorway into a hidden universe and the key to who you really are in Goddesses in You by Christine Lister.
Christine is an author, wise woman, elder and old soul, and believes every woman is a goddess.

Who Magazine
“Using a unique blend of mythology, psychology, feminism and spirituality, Christine Lister offers a new way of seeing ourselves and the world around us”

Harriet’s Hungry Worms

Packed with worm facts, Harriet’s Hungry Worms is the ideal companion for worm warriors and curious composters keen to roll up their sleeves and put their kitchen food scraps to good use. 

Samantha Smith lives in Melbourne with her three junior co-authors, an adopted cat, nine-hundred and ninety-seven compost worms and an impressive pumpkin vine that’s slowly taking over the backyard. Melissa Johns is an artist, illustrator, an avid upcycler and a closet poet. She produces artworks predominantly made of recycled materials that lend her work a uniquely whimsical quality


Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrator Newsletter

“This funny, engaging eco story invites young readers to follow the adventures of Harriet’s ravenous compost worms as they munch their way through their wide and wonderful weekly menu.”

Reading Time (CBCA)

“There’s a satisfying neatness to the narrative pattern which playfully repeats descriptions of the worms’ meals on each day of the week … 

Sunday Telegraph

“Illustrated with creative collage.”

The Antipodean Express

A journey by train from New Zealand to Spain

Due for release  in May 2024

A railway adventure tracing a journey from the author’s home in New Zealand to its exact antipodes in rural Spain. The narrative recounts 89 consecutive days of travel with 33 trains through 19 countries. It describes most of the great trains of the Eurasian hemisphere, from New Zealand’s Northern Explorer to the Eurostar and everything in between. Full of people, memories, history, and places – anyone interested in travel, trains, food, music and cultures will love taking this armchair journey

Gregory Hill, born in Auckland, diverted from his country’s obsession with sport to pursue a passion for the French horn, which eventually led to his career in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. Despite living in a country with a basic passenger train service, he nurtured a fascination for long-distance train travel, which he finally indulged in after his retirement.
In the year between ending his career and the world coming to a standstill, Gregory undertook an epic journey by rail from New Zealand to Spain. He now lives in Wellington with his violinist wife Anne, cherishing his two adult sons and two grandsons.

Epic - Adventures across Aotearoa

Over the years, countless sea kayakers, climbers and alpine trampers have attempted journeys across New Zealand’s incredible landscape. In Epic, the stories of a dozen memorable Kiwi explorers are brought together, with detailed maps, backstories and stunning images. From the first traverse of the Southern Alps, to the nineteen-year-old who travelled 8000km of coastline, Epic is a testament to endurance, and a reminder to get out there and experience the wild, stunning places of our planet.

Ray Salisbury began a lifelong passion for photography and tramping in the early 1970s. He was introduced to camping, hiking and kayaking by the Boys’ Brigade. Prior to entering teacher’s college in 2000, Ray was assistant editor of Wilderness magazine for a year. Since then, he has been a regular contributor. When Ray and his wife moved to Nelson, he joined the Nelson Tramping Club, becoming editor of the club journal for a decade.


“A fast-paced dramatic account of authentic experiences of survival and endurance”

Motorhomes, Caravans & Destinations
This awesome read is a timely reminder that New Zealand offers much to celebrate and explore – in your own way and own time.

Grownups NZ
“In a world full of distractions, Epic is a reminder to get out there and experience the wild, stunning places of our planet – they are waiting.”

Cookie loves Girl more than anything – even chasing balls and smelling smells! Sometimes Girl is too sad to play with Cookie, but that’s okay because Cookie is good at sad. You can lick it off, you know.

With beautiful words and playful illustrations, Cookie is both a heart-warming tale about the love between a dog and their person, and a sensitive exploration of depression and anxiety. From dog-lovers to children who share Girl’s feelings, everyone can learn something from this inseparable pair.


BuzzWords Magazine
“The voice in this story is fresh and unique. It speaks clearly to the reader and delivers a strong message about how love and friendship can help you cope with sadness.” Click here to read

The Bottom Shelf
“by telling the story through Cookie’s voice, setting it in a typical family setting with a light touch of humour and through the interactions of all, demonstrating how Girl’s moods impact on the whole family, Duff shows that (mental health) is something that can affect any family and anybody within it.” Click here to read

Kids’ Book Review
“I loved this beautifully designed and written book. It is an excellent example of a writer finding their unique voice which is an asset, especially to writers beginning their journey.” Click here to read

The Turning Point — Moments that changed lives
The Turning Point is a rare glimpse into the most important and fascinating moments of people’s lives. A collection of extraordinary entries received in an international writing competition, it contains stories about everyday people, from all over the world. Find out about the moment when love came along in a note under a windscreen wiper, when the death of a new friend inspired a teenager to live life to its fullest, and more, in this captivating insight into the human condition.


Reader’s Digest

“Exisle’s founder Gareth St John Thomas has made it his mission to bring books to the world from voices that would otherwise not have been heard. This book features 40 intimate accounts of the human experience; Lifechanging moments that will take your breath away.” Click here to read

The Australian

“Diverse and sometimes moving … The key benefit to take away from this collection is a renewed belief that everyone has experiences to share … these anecdotes or remembrances … will find relevance with others who’ve had similar experiences.”  

Being Human series

As humans, we are all prone to psychological struggle. Life is full of challenges, hardships and emotional pain. The Being Human series seeks to equip readers with the psychological resilience and flexibility to live a meaningful life in spite of these difficulties. The four books each focus on a different aspect of the human condition, providing teachings and practical processes for readers to implement in their lives:

Together, these books form the comprehensive Being Human Method, fostering self-awareness, meaningful relationships, and a purposeful existence. Dive in and discover the tools to reconnect with others – and yourself.

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