Journey to Publication

Breakthrough Into Mainstream Publishing — Get a Mentor Who Will Coach You to Develop Your Book, Build Your Brand, and Get Published

Exclusive Publishing Mentorship for Aspiring Authors Ready to Get Published — Begins September late September.


Dear Writer,

We're excited to announce that we're accepting a handful of aspiring authors of children's and non-fiction books to be mentored by our most senior publishers.

With ample feedback, you'll be guided through the world of publishing to perfect your book and bring it into the world in a way that gets noticed and does justice to your vision.

Because we want to make sure that the authors we work with stand a serious chance of being selected for traditional publishing opportunities with Exisle, EK Books, and elsewhere, the program begins with a quick assessment of your work.

If selected after this stage, you will undertake a structured yet highly personalized program with unprecedented access to publishing experts and insiders that will allow you to develop your book and author's brand to a commercial publishing level.

Here is how it works:

Harriet's Hungry Worms began its journey with Exisle Academy and is now an official Amazon bestseller—
Our team gets results because we're traditional publishers who know what it takes to break through with a successful children's or non-fiction book

Step One: 
Apply With an Assessment to Get Quick Feedback and Make Sure You're Ready 

Before you are enrolled, we will assess your manuscript and give you written expert feedback. If accepted, you'll have confidence that, after the program, your book stands a serious chance of being published.

If we believe your manuscript is not yet at the required standard of this course, we will provide you clear feedback so you know where you stand and what action you need to take.

Either way, after this stage you will have clarity and confidence on the next moves you need to take with your book.

Please note: If you have already attended a Publisher Ready Seminar or received a Focus, Assess, Recharge assessment, you are exempt from the assessment stage. Please write to [email protected] for details on how to proceed directly to enrolment. 

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Step Two: 
If You're Accepted, Begin Your 10-Week Mentorship With a Top Publisher from Exisle or EK Books

Congratulations – you have now been selected to work with Exisle and EK Books! It is time to refine your manuscript to commercial publishing standards. You will be invited to join a small group of fellow authors for our 10-week Become a Successful Published Author program.

Under the mentorship of an experienced publisher specializing in your genre, you will undertake a 10-week training program (more details provided below). Part-time and customized to your schedule, availability and time zone, you will learn what it takes to become a successful published author.

The 10-week program begins on July 17, 2023. Initiate an assessment of your manuscript at least 10 days before this to ensure a spot...

Step Three: 
Complete the 10-Week Program and Receive a Traditional or Hybrid Publication Offer!

We are looking for people to publish under both EK Books and Exisle imprints and a key objective of this course is to help you put your manuscript into the correct shape for publication with us. As with all busy publishing companies, we recognise that time limitations at EK and Exisle often make it difficult for us to work with authors whose manuscripts may have potential but are still not quite ready for publication. It is the reason we have developed this program which provides an opportunity to authors ready to take control of their publishing journeys.

At the end of a successfully completed course, you will have the serious possibility of a standard traditional contract with Exisle or EK Books. If your manuscript isn’t suitable for this, you will be offered a contract within our Starlight publishing program which, like Exisle and EK, pays royalties and provides a platform for international sales, distribution and marketing.

If you enter the Starlight program, you will be asked to share some of the financial risks of publishing – how much depends on the individual circumstance for each book. We will also make an investment ourselves and have a vested interest in making your book financially successful for you as well as ourselves. There is no obligation on your part to accept the offer – if it does not appeal to you, you are free to take your improved and polished manuscript to other publishers. 

Produced with passion, our books win awards, readers, and acclaim worldwide.

Ready to read about your book in the national papers? Our team will make sure your voice is heard. 

Your 10-week schedule as an Exisle Academy author begins at the end of September, 2023

Embark on a 10-week journey to become a published author, guided every step of the way by an expert from Exisle Publishing / EK Books. This comprehensive program ensures you'll end with a finished manuscript, a supportive pitch, and a publishing contract. Here's the week-by-week breakdown:

  • Application: Share your story Apply before the course begins. Complete a survey about your current projects and author goals.  Share your manuscript or outline for immediate review and guidance.
  • Week One: Meet your mentor – Once you're accepted into the program, you’ll be paired with a mentor whose experience aligns with your needs. Schedule a 40-minute call with your mentor to discuss your book and aspirations. We accommodate all time zones.
  • Week Two: Initial feedback and plan for success: Based on your mentor's exposure to your work and your goal, you'll make a plan to move forward to develop your book and brand and achieve your publishing goals.
  • Week Three: Video Lesson on Getting Accepted – Learn about publishing options and how to strategically go about getting your book accepted by a major traditional publishing house.
  • Week Four: Manuscript Review – Join your mentor for another 40-minute call to receive in-depth personalized feedback on your manuscript, interpret the progress you have made so far, and get guidance on the next steps.
  • Week Five: Video Lesson on Book Sales – Understand how the sales department works and how to become a championed author.
  • Week Six: Group Q&A Session – Join a small group Q&A session with your mentor and special guest, fostering discussion and shared experiences.
  • Week Seven: Video Lesson on Book Production – Gain insights into the process of producing a high-quality book.
  • Week Eight: Progress Review – Success is in sight! Your mentor will review any changes made and provide further feedback.
  • Week Nine: Video Lesson on Finding Your Audience – Learn from industry experts how to garner media attention and build your book's following.
  • Week Ten: Final Review and Next Steps – Celebrate your achievements with a summary and guidance on future actions from your mentor. Based on your goals and our assessment of your compatibility with Exisle/EK, receive either a traditional or hybrid publishing contract!

Additional informal communication such as emails and phone calls are part of Exisle Academy’s approach, making your success our #1 priority. Become part of our family and take the decisive step toward your publishing dreams.

Start Your Journey Today

Begin Your Assessment. Qualify for 'Journey to Publication'

Start With the Assessment. Once You Qualify, You Will Be Invited to Register and Invest in the Full Course:

  • We want to facilitate your success and only take on authors for the 10-week program with serious prospects of publication with Exisle, EK Books, or other top-tier publishers.

  • Your assessment will be undertaken by one of our top publishers to give you clear feedback on the state of readiness of your manuscript and the steps you need to take to move forward to publication. 

  • Should you be invited to move forward, the full investment in the 10-week program is $1995 USD. You will be able to deduct 100% of the assessment fee from this. If we feel you are not yet ready to proceed, you will get clear and detailed feedback so you know why and how to fix it.

"Journey to Publication" begins late September 2023. 


Begin Your Assessment Now [$175]

Attending The Children's Publishing Seminar?

The Assessment process is waived for attendees of the Children's Publishing Seminar on August 30. After attending the seminar, you will be invited to share your manuscript with our team, and, should it be ready, you will be invited to join Journey to Publication directly.

Here's What Writers We Work With Say...


Working with you is the best thing I have ever done for my writing.



I particularly appreciate the specific examples you made in regard to what works and what doesn't. This gives me a solid base to work from and increases my confidence to revisit and rewrite the book. Thank you also for beginning with a positive comment about my abilities, which helped me to view the rest of your commentary in a positive light and not feel defeated!



You've really helped me re-focus and have renewed purpose and passion.



I just wanted to thank your editor for the recommended changes. I have found these extremely helpful, and I am now in the process of implementing these changes.



Just a quick note to say video one has been a good insight and reinforced some of what I know, but also gave me a much better insight of the acquisition process and the ‘battle’ that is sometimes waged between editorial and marketing. It’s the same in journalism with the push-pull between reporters and sales executives! It makes me feel more positive about a couple of my PB manuscripts that have made it to meetings, but ultimately were knocked back. I shall keep persevering, as one of my goals is to have my work published by Exisle/EK Books.

Last, but not the least, I wanted to express my great appreciation and respect to Exisle for being respectful, structured, and open to offer options and ways for new writers and illustrators to get insights and guidance on how to enter the world of publishing.

That is truly advanced of you, guys, and deserves admiration.

Thank you for your constructive and helpful comments on my picture books and for the two articles.

I took your much appreciated advice and revised [TITLE] into an international version, eliminating the mention of [SUBJECT], but keeping my theme, even though we have differences we are all a part of the human family.

E. L.
Thanks for the feedback. Your comments are helpful and reassuring, and increasingly echo how I am feeling about the book...

Writing is often such a long and lonely process. Having two for company with this book is a blessing, an absolutely fabulous one.

Your interest, consideration and the fact that you are often looking at my work late in the evening, is noted...


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