Here's Exactly How to Create an Irresistible Pitch for Your Manuscript

Dear Writer,

You’ve finally completed that manuscript and you’re ready to put your book out into the world. What happens next?

Most authors blindly send out their manuscript with a rough cover letter (or no pitch at all) to a few publishers, hoping for a miracle response.

Nearly always, these authors are disappointed. They never end up seeing their work in print.

Those authors who succeed understand the art of the perfect pitch. A busy editor receives hundreds, sometimes even thousands, of submissions each and every week. It’s simply not possible for them to read every single manuscript they receive cover to cover.

A good pitch will not only get your manuscript noticed; more often than not it is the ONLY thing that separates books that have a shot from those that end up going nowhere.

With over 30 years in publishing, we have published over 2000 books for adults and children, so we know what separates a winning pitch from the rest.

With no-nonsense advice and a practical case study for you to model and learn from, the Pitch Perfect report will show you exactly how to craft a compelling pitch that gets your book noticed.

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