September 27, 2023

Captivating Your Audience: A Traditional Publisher Explains How to Make Sure Your Book Sells

From Ignored to Noticed — The Virtuous Cycle

It can feel like no one will ever notice your book. This can be frustrating and discouraging. But take heart — with techniques used by traditional publishers, it's possible to create a virtuous cycle where each review generates another, creating a cascade of recommendations. It’s these personal recommendations that act as the lifeblood, ensuring sustained sales. Let's look at reviews and beyond to make sure your book succeeds:

The Rule of Five

A quintessential strategy is the “Rule of Five,” where a potential buyer should come across your book in at least five different outlets before it translates to a sale. Each exposure augments both recognition and retention, gradually steering them towards purchasing. The key is in the diverse yet complementary nature of these exposures, optimizing the visibility and appeal of your book across varied platforms.

Timing and Publicity

Timely publicity is crucial. Ensuring bookstores are aware of the impending publicity results in better stocking of your book. A proactive approach with online vendors can bolster your book’s visibility, as pre-orders often signal potential success, prompting platforms to stock more.

About Book Launches

While launches can be charming affairs, their actual utility often falls short of expectations. The focus should ideally be on efficient publicity and sales strategies. If you decide to host one, partnering with an experienced independent bookseller can be advantageous.

Strategic Advertising and Customer Reviews

Contrary to popular belief, most publishers rely on specialized publicity experts over conventional advertising. Gaining consumer reviews is paramount. A handful of positive reviews can significantly boost your sales by establishing credibility and enhancing visibility.

A Word on Integrity and Authenticity

While navigating through review-acquisition strategies, it’s important to sidestep shortcuts and dubious methods. Genuine reviews, emerging from authentic experiences of the book, are the only ones that truly matter and contribute to sustained success.

Networking and Building Your Tribe

Effective networking can pave the way for an enthusiastic community or 'Tribe,' who can act as the frontline promoters of your book. This includes acquaintances who are familiar with your work, and are willing to propagate it willingly and enthusiastically.

Outreach and Broadening Horizons

Extending your network beyond acquaintances can fortify your review strategy. Contacting top reviewers on platforms like Amazon and networking with other authors can yield substantial dividends. Participation in relevant Goodreads groups and reciprocating by reviewing other authors’ works can build goodwill and enrich your network.

Constructive Engagement and Sustained Efforts

Regular engagement and consistent updates about your book’s progress, from announcing the launch date to sharing snippets, can build and maintain excitement among your potential readers. The efficacy of these efforts is elevated when the engagement is genuine and resonates with your natural expression and excitement.

Part #2: Media Exposure and Other Advanced Book Marketing Strategies

1. Media Exposure:

i. Craft Effective Press Releases: Create comprehensive and concise press releases focusing on the unique aspects of your book, including a media hook, book's details, and your bio. Remember to make your press release timely, relevant, and intriguing.

ii. Targeted Outreach: Directly approach the pertinent person in the media outlet with your press release or an information sheet. Offer them a review copy or propose an interview, making sure to articulate a contemporary and relevant hook that aligns with their media type.

iii. Leverage Local Publications: Tailor your outreach strategy to local media, emphasizing the relevance of your book to local communities.

iv. Spotlight on Impact & Relevance: Accentuate any groundbreaking information or relevance to prevailing trends, celebrities, or public figures to capture editors' interest.

v. Embrace Oddity: Offer unusual and unique aspects of your story or visual content to grab more attention.

2. Crafting News Values:

  • Conflict: Highlight differing perspectives and challenge existing myths or misinformation in your field.
  • Timeliness: Ensure the information is current, leveraging seasons, festivals, or events to enhance relevance.
  • Proximity: Focus on communities, emphasizing local relevance.
  • Prominence: Spotlight your standing in your field or any connection your book has to noteworthy individuals or trending topics.

3. Building Online Presence:

i. Optimize Author Page on Amazon: Create a captivating and informative author page on Amazon Author Central to augment visibility.

ii. Join and Engage in Goodreads Groups: Participate actively in pertinent groups, contributing valuable insights and subtly promoting your book. Being an active reviewer on Goodreads can also foster goodwill and reciprocity within the community.

iii. Utilize Online Platforms: Leverage all possible online platforms to talk about your book. This provides free advertising, enhancing your book's visibility to potential readers.

iv. Collaborate with Bloggers and Online Groups: Especially on Facebook and other social media platforms, to broaden your reach and establish a supportive network.

4. Expand Beyond Personal Network:

i. Reach Out to Top Reviewers: Politely introduce your book to them, keeping your outreach concise and respectful. The interaction should not feel transactional but rather open-ended and accommodating.

ii. Network with Peer Authors: Develop relationships with other authors in your niche, reviewing their works and participating in mutual communities. This can lead to valuable exposure, additional reviews, and enhanced sales through reciprocity.

5. Strategize Review Acquisition:

  • Ask Actively and Politely: Every time someone mentions your book, sees you with it, or writes to you about it, politely ask them to leave a review.
  • Explore Goodreads and Amazon Top Reviewers: Engage with them respectfully, inquiring if they’d consider reviewing your book.
  • Engage with Community: Becoming a helpful community member can result in garnering reviews when you mention your book.

6. Strategize and Personalize Outreach:

  • Use Non-Spammy, Respectful Approach: When reaching out for reviews or promotional purposes, maintain a tone that is polite, enthusiastic, and non-intrusive.
  • Reciprocity is Key: Genuine relationships and mutual support with fellow authors and communities can be a goldmine for book promotion.

7. Offer Value and Engage Audience:

  • Share Informative and Engaging Content: Regularly sharing tips, excerpts, and other valuable content not only builds excitement but also rewards your audience, making them more likely to reciprocate with support and reviews.
  • Energize Your Audience: Through sharing relevant and exciting content in your unique voice, build a connection and keep the excitement alive post-publication, ensuring a continual influx of interest and reviews for your book.

8. Leverage Every Opportunity:

  • Your book, your story, and your knowledge are treasures waiting to be discovered. Be proud, be open, be active. Every opportunity to share about your book is a step towards its success, and every review is a building block towards establishing its credibility and popularity.


Remember, it is your unique voice and passion that have brought your book into existence—now, let them guide it to the readers who are waiting for it. Keep the conversation respectful and engaging, and the ripple effect of your work will continue to expand its reach and impact.

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