Writing Competition: The Story I Needed To Have Read

Sometimes, the right story at the right moment can give us the courage we need to overcome adversity. And when that story doesn't already exist, we need to make it ourselves.

Write a short story - in any genre, fiction or fact - that helped or would have helped you at a pivotal moment in your life. One winner will receive up to $2000 worth of training and coaching with Exisle Academy, including the opportunity to discuss developing a book with our editors.

Meet the Judges from the Exisle Publishing Team

Nikita Gill -Nikita is an Exisle Academy mentor and a senior executive in the Children and educational books industry with significant experience gained in India, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Joel Fulton – Joel has been selling books in Australia for forty years and often just has an outline to sell from. He knows what sounds interesting and true and what is likely to get a bookseller excited.

Silva Mcleod- Silva transcended her near impoverished background as a rural Pacific Island Girl to become the first female commercial airline pilot ever born in Tonga. Her story Island Girl-to Pilot is published next year by Exisle Publishing.

The Prize

One winner will receive the prize of free enrolment to the "Become a Successful Author" course (a value of $1,500 USD), plus access to our library of author training resources (up to $500 value). Publishing opportunities may also be available with Exisle Publishing or our imprints for writers with whom we believe there is potential to expand their story or proposed story into a book.

Open to

Entry is encouraged from writers of all types from all background’s cultures and abilities. We are seeking entries from as diverse a set of communities as possible.

Top entries will be published on our website, with your permission.

Deadline to submit is August 28th. Maximum word count is 1,500.

Please Enter Your Name and Email Below to Proceed to the Submission Page:

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