March 22, 2024

[Video] Why Being Authentic is Still the Key to Success as an Author

Over four million books are released every year in English alone. With the rise of AI tools like ChatGPT, this is only going to accelerate. As a new author, how do you stand out amidst all that noise?

The answer is an old one that rings truer than ever: Be authentic. No one walks the talk on authenticity like Maggie Eyre. She is the author of 'Being You — Building Your Personal Brand and Confidence' published by Exisle Publishing. She has been recognized by King Charles for her services to Business and Community, and her advice has been sought after by everyone from prime ministers to senior business leaders. At a recent Free Webinar for the Exisle Academy community, Maggie shared her advice on authenticity for authors and aspiring authors, watch here:

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