November 11, 2020

The Turning Point - Selected Stories Announced!

Earlier in 2020, Exisle Academy hosted a writing competition with the theme: The Moment My Life Changed.

Three finalists and one winner were eventually chosen (congratulations again, Marjorie Counsel), but such was the overall quality of entries received that a decision was made to feature a selection of stories in a resulting anthology, provisionally entitled The Turning Point.

The Turning Point will join other successful nonfiction short story anthologies published by Exisle, such as the Timeless Wisdom series, and Fearless Footsteps. The anticipated publication date will be November 2021.

Our CEO anticipates this will be our best anthology in 30 years:

"There were around 100 entries that were seriously publishable and lots of other good ones too. Taking that down to just 40 means that we had to exclude some excellent writing and brilliant observations. What we have selected will be our best anthology ever in our thirty years. More publishing details to come but it is scheduled for publication in exactly a years’ time November 21."

Gareth St John Thomas, Exisle Publishing CEO

Without further ado, we are delighted to announce the selected authors are as follows:

Writers Whose Stories Have Been Selected for The Turning Point:

Please note, this list is hot off the press and therefore may include typos which will be thoroughly reviewed and corrected by our editorial team before the book is published!

Section #1: Love and Romance

Marjorie Counsel 
Vicky Lopez
Stephanie Percival 
Roy Innes
Meryl Broughton
Gwyneth Jones
Cedric Watts

Section #2: Big Changes

Mark Scheel
Roger Sharp 
Bill Younglove 
Mark Lovell 
Karen Lethanlean
Kate Marshall Flaherty

Section #3: Momentous Decisions

Atim Jackie
Alanda Green
Amal Abou-eid
Vanessa Shields
Kay Middlemiss
Jillian Dag
Isobel Stewart

Section #4: Tragedy Leads to Change

Vaughan Rapatahana
Tony A C Smith
Dimity Powell
Blanche Morrison
Gaye Malloy

Section #5: Vivid Moments

Bettina Deda
Rose Kavanagh
Glenne Findon
Ryan Gibbs
Madeline Gill
Joy Mawby
Laura Duckworth
Deborah Huff-horwood
Diane Sims 

Section #6: Learning Moments

Marian Penman
Jessica Folk
Jan Davis
Orine Ben Shalom
Blaine Marchand

Congratulations, everyone! An Exisle Publishing editor will be in touch with you directly with more publication details, and to confirm spelling, titles et all.

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2 comments on “The Turning Point - Selected Stories Announced!”

  1. I'm honoured to be included in these promised "pointed selections." Love, change, tragedy are vivid learning moments all experience and I am excited to read each remembrance. Thank you Gareth and and all at Exisle!

  2. Wow, absolutely honoured to be included in this roundup of amazing writers and their life-altering, pivotal life tales. Can. Not. Wait. To see this in real life!

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